Powassan Virus, Causes, Symptoms, And Prevention.

Powassan virus might be a strange word to some people, but it is a real disease. The origin of the virus was initially from Powassan, Ontario. A young boy in the region got infected and later succumbed. The number of people suffering from the virus is continuously increasing, and unfortunately, it is due to a lack of information. The transmission of the virus is through ticks. However, not all ticks can infect you, but only the infected ones. The problems’ occurrence appears mostly towards the end of spring going on to the mid of fall. The kind of ticks that spread the virus thrive in wooden surfaces.

The virus manifests itself in a gentle way such that in some people, it will take a few weeks before they experience some signs. Such indications include vomiting, fever, general body weakness, memory loss, and worst-case scenario seizures. Once you feel the sudden change, seek medical attention immediately. However, if you feel exposed to ticks, you can visit the hospital to eliminate the risk through testing. The doctor will ask some questions and then carry out blood tests to ascertain whether you have the virus or not. If indeed, you have it, the medical attendant will further extract some spinal fluid to check if you have antibodies to fight the disease. People with a low immune system may suffer the most under this condition.

Although researchers are still working on it, there is still no medication for this virus. There is also no vaccine to shield people from the infection as well. Nonetheless, they have adopted methods to manage the predicaments, thus preventing the patients from extreme symptoms. Some of the approaches include introducing fluids through IV and brain medication to avoid or bring down swelling, associated with adverse effects. In the event of breathing problems, patients use a relevant support system.

Since there is no cure for Powassan Virus, the safest way to go about it is prevention. Try as much as you can to keep off grass and wood. If you cannot entirely adhere to this option, ensure you thoroughly spray yourself with an insect repellant with DEET as one of the components. Do this when you have undressed. Use sufficient amounts of the product to keep off the ticks. Use permethrin to treat your bedding, clothes, and other woolen surfaces like seats where the insects could hide. Inspect yourself and pets whenever you come from the outdoors and conduct regular cleaning of the house to boost your health.

Check out the following site for more information: https://www.serenityhealthcarecenter.com/powassan-virus