How To Know If You Should See An Optometrist Safford AZ


In case anything bothers your vision or eye care, it’s highly recommended to consult an eye doctor immediately. Everything that involves your eye care is a concern that should be treated fairly. Any pain or discomfort to your eyes may indicate a severe health concern, such as infection or impairment. If you’re from Arizona and experiencing any of these, you can have your eyes checked with optometrists Safford az.

Constant Occurrence Of Headache

If you are experiencing mild to severe headaches all the time, it’s a great indicator to get yourself checked by your optometrist. It’s even better if you have your regular eye exam, as a simple test could already detect a variety of issues that possibly trigger your constant headaches. It may be an effect of frequent exposure to the computer screen or overly bright light. In some cases, your headaches may be caused by astigmatism or long-sightedness.

Eye Infection

Eye infections could have an immense effect on your general health. So if you suspect to have one, make your suspicion sure by visiting your eye doctor immediately, as the infection might damage more parts of your eye. An infected eye’s symptoms include redness, pain, sensitivity to light, discharge, blurry vision, or feeling like something is stuck in your eye. You should consult your optometrist to know if an antibiotic is the best prescription for your condition.

Blurry Vision

There are various surfacing factors when it comes to a blurry vision. One may indicate that you’ve been awake for too long, in an alcoholic state, or just woke up. But worry less, as optometrists in Safford can give you the care your eyes need. In case you’ve found yourself having blurry vision, visit Desert Family Vision Center for immediate diagnosis and treatment.


While having diabetes means you must continuously check on your blood sugar, another critical aspect to be wary of is your vision. According to a note by Ed Zimney, M.D. on, diabetes can harm the retina. In some diabetes cases, even those who don’t experience any symptoms may not know that they have diabetes and only recognize it after conducting an eye exam.

Worsening Eye Pain

Worsening eye pain is one of the most prominent indicators to consult an optometrist to get an eye exam. Ignoring this sign proves dangerous not only to your eye but also to your overall well-being. In case an eye drop that’s available over the counter isn’t effective, get yourself checked immediately. It can be a sign of an injury, glaucoma, or even cancer. It’s best of your decision to prevent it from worsening as early as now.


Until even bigger issues occur, you shouldn’t wait to experience any of these before getting checked by an eye doctor. Remember that an eye exam provides benefits more than just your eyes. Get yourself a regular eye exam with the best optometrists in Safford, AZ, by immediately visiting Desert Family Vision Center.