Husband Went To Edmonton Golf Course With His Friends

My husband and his friends love to golf. They wanted to find a new golf course to go to and had heard about on in the Edmonton area. They said their other friends that golf said the Edmonton golf course they go to is really nice. They wanted to check it out and see what it was all about.

My husband started searching for the golf course to find out more information about it and where it was located at in Edmonton. He found a website for the golf course and was able to find the prices right there on the website. He let his friends know what he had found and wanted to make plans with them to go.

They got together one night so they could decide when they wanted to go. Once they started talking about it, they said they wanted to make a weekend out of it and find a hotel that is close. Since this golf course is about an hour from where we live, they decided they would just stay all night there. They decided when a good time for all of them to go would be and started looking for hotels in the area. They booked one for the weekend they wanted to go and said they got a great price on it.

The weekend came for them to have their golf outing and my husband was excited about going. I set up a weekend with my friends to shop and hang out with them so I was pretty excited for him too.

My husband and his friends had a really great time for the weekend and they really liked the Edmonton golf course they played at. They said they want to plan trips like this a few times a year because it was a great time. I don’t mind that he goes with his friends and I like that he can enjoy time with his friends. It also gives me time to myself and to hang out with my friends I don’t normally see. It is good for both of us and I am glad he has something like golfing to do to keep him busy. His friends said they had a good time on the golf outing and said the golf course was really nice and they liked the way it was set up.